Bit of a catch up

Its been a while since I last posted and it has been a busy few months.  For the first time this year I took part in Derbyshire open Arts. It is a great way to promote your work and meet other local artists.  I managed to sell quite a few pieces, these cyclists proved to be very popular.  I have made some more as we are cycle mad here in the Peak District, with L’ Eroica cycling festival this weekend and Le Tour Yorkshire coming over to the Peaks in July.


Last week I ran a days fusing workshop at Rural Arts in North Yorkshire.  Some of the participants had already done a fusing taster day with me last year, but I was very impressed with their work


I have also just delivered some mosaics made by school children at Morton and Stonebroom Prmary Schools in Derbyshire.  They made this lovely mosaic for Harron Homes new site in MortonImage


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Shifting Perspectives Symposium


Just back from the most fantastic 10 days at Northlands Creative Glass, up in Caithness.  The symposium was led by Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, and covered kiln casting and a very interesting process to print onto glass.

We made some open face moulds of junk we found on the beach, before filling them with wax and then making a further mould.  The wax was then steamed out and the space left was filled with glass powder and fired.Image

Jeremy making the final mould


Here is my casting of a dolls head found on the beach!


The printing process involved inking up a laser printed image using etching ink.  This image was transferred onto the glass, before frit (glass powder) is sieved onto the image, the idea being that the glass powder sticks to the sticky ink.  The glass is then fired, the ink burns away, leaving the frit to form the image.


Here are some of the pieces before firing.


…..and after.

I am really looking forward to experimenting with the techniques I have learned.  It was a great course and made even better by the lovely participants who came from all corners of the world,


and the Caithness sunsets.










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Xmas Decoration Workshops

Well, its that time of year and my kiln has been firing non-stop.
I’ve run lots of workshops over the last few weeks, with both adults and children, showing them how to make simple decorations with fused glass.
2013-11-29 20.18.46

2013-11-30 15.38.35 (1)

2013-12-08 17.43.16

We have had lots of fun and the results have been great, Thanks to everyone who has taken part.

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Some new painted glass panels


I have been experimenting with some painted glass panels.  These have taken four or five firings each.

Here’s a fishy one!



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New Birds

I have been playing around with some new ideas for painted birds this week.Image



I am ready for the Christmas exhibition at the Number four Gallery in St Abbs Scotland, heres one with a maritime theme!


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Young Curators Project Continued

I have just finished firing the painted and fused pieces made by the young curators in Thirsk.Image

The participants have already made some leaded windows, using modern imagery, but ancient techniques.  

This time the idea was the reversed  and the imagery  was based on medieval art and medieval stained glass, but using modern fusing techniques.




We also played around and had some fun making some free form shapes






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Young Curators Project, Thirsk

I have spent a fantastic 2 days making stained glass panels with young people in Thirsk.  The participants age range 10-15 are involved in an arts and heritage project.  They have visited the curator at Fountains Abbey, where they have been inspired by the collection of medieval artefacts, and are now working with a glass artist (Me) and a ceramicist to create pieces that will be exhibited at the Abbey later in the year.ImageAfter looking at medieval symbols, they designed their own panel, using more modern day symbols.  We started off with glass painting, using traditional glass paint and silver stainImageThe pieces were fired overnightImageThe next day, they learned how to lead, solder and finish their panel, using all the same techniques as a medieval crafts person would have used ImageImage.Image

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