Young Curators Project, Thirsk

I have spent a fantastic 2 days making stained glass panels with young people in Thirsk.  The participants age range 10-15 are involved in an arts and heritage project.  They have visited the curator at Fountains Abbey, where they have been inspired by the collection of medieval artefacts, and are now working with a glass artist (Me) and a ceramicist to create pieces that will be exhibited at the Abbey later in the year.ImageAfter looking at medieval symbols, they designed their own panel, using more modern day symbols.  We started off with glass painting, using traditional glass paint and silver stainImageThe pieces were fired overnightImageThe next day, they learned how to lead, solder and finish their panel, using all the same techniques as a medieval crafts person would have used ImageImage.Image

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One Response to Young Curators Project, Thirsk

  1. Fishink says:

    Wonderful to see young people being given the opportunity to work with stained glass. I bet it will inspire many of them to be interested in the arts. Well done Jane.

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