Shifting Perspectives Symposium


Just back from the most fantastic 10 days at Northlands Creative Glass, up in Caithness.  The symposium was led by Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore, and covered kiln casting and a very interesting process to print onto glass.

We made some open face moulds of junk we found on the beach, before filling them with wax and then making a further mould.  The wax was then steamed out and the space left was filled with glass powder and fired.Image

Jeremy making the final mould


Here is my casting of a dolls head found on the beach!


The printing process involved inking up a laser printed image using etching ink.  This image was transferred onto the glass, before frit (glass powder) is sieved onto the image, the idea being that the glass powder sticks to the sticky ink.  The glass is then fired, the ink burns away, leaving the frit to form the image.


Here are some of the pieces before firing.


…..and after.

I am really looking forward to experimenting with the techniques I have learned.  It was a great course and made even better by the lovely participants who came from all corners of the world,


and the Caithness sunsets.










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4 Responses to Shifting Perspectives Symposium

  1. Fishink says:

    Looks like a wonderful time was had by one and all. Good to hear

  2. Fishink says:

    Lovely pics too thanks for sharing

  3. Feeling envious Jane, looks amazing ,interesting technique and beautiful results.Fantastic scenery as usual .

  4. It was great Susan, you would have loved it. Lovely group of people too.

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