Blog Hopping

Blog Hopping

I’ve been asked by my lovely friend Craig at to get involved with a Blog Hop! The idea is you get to see what I’m up to but also to hop back to look at Craig’s Blog and forward to other recommended blogs.

Craig is not only a brilliant and frequent blogger, (his blog introduces different artists, usually with a fairly graphic or illustrative style) but is also a designer/illustrator doing some gorgeous work.

The first question is What am I up to?

As usual I am multi-tasking. A big thing I am working toward is the Celebration of Glass event at Manchester’s Victoria Baths on 13-14th September. Alongside my friends from The CGS Northern Hub, we are putting together a glass fair and exhibition with workshops and demos at this beautiful venue.



I have been making some leaded panels that will be hung in an old victorian changing room!

Changing cubicle

Changing cubicle

Along a similar line, I have made these cyclist panels which have been very successful due to all the excitement about cycling here in the Peak District.

Leaded and painted stained glass panel

Leaded and painted stained glass panel

glass for "Le Tour"

I am planning a big project at a local school starting in September, where I will be working with the pupils to design stained glass windows for their library.

How does it vary from others of its genre
I guess my style comes from my interest in surface pattern and illustration. I really enjoy glass painting, and although I use traditional materials and techniques, I am not looking to emulate traditional styles, but like to use the medium as I see fit!Enamels

Jane glass painting

Here are some of my windows made in collaboration with schools;

Middleton Tyas School

Middleton Tyas School

Ripon Cathedral School

Ripon Cathedral School

St Peter's School, Harrogate

St Peter’s School, Harrogate

Why I create what I do?
I have always made stuff. My Mum said when I was a child I was always making things out of paper mache, or sewing or cooking. I love designing windows but also enjoy the process and the craftsmanship involved in stained glassglass 104
How does my creative process work?
I use the computer a lot, either to scan in and rework drawings, but to cut and paste and play with ideas and compositions

 .Sketch, idea for window
When I have got an idea I like, I often work on it on my ipad using the brushes app.bernard 2

Here I can mess about with colours, putting them behind the black lines of my drawing. When I have come up with a composition/design I have to blow it up to full size (which I also do on the computer). This is the cartoon and basis for cutting and making up the window.

I choose and cut the glass, then paint and fire it before leading it up. Although I have to be specific to size, I don’t like to plan too much as I like to leave some things to chance and see what happens. I like to choose my colours as I go along and work in a fairly intuitive way.

I would like to recommend the blog by Linda Norris, painter and glass maker.  Linda’ s own work is beautiful, but she has also been involved with some really interesting commissions

Thank you for taking time to look

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  1. Fishink says:

    Thanks for the mention and fab post today Jane… so good you posted it twice (kinda like New York, New York eh lol). Great to read about your projects and see your new pieces, love the swimmers. Catch up soon. Craig

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